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hello, everyone -- friends, patients, family:

This is truly a trip of my lifetime that I am about to begin. I have never left North America, and my longest trip thus far was the Vancouver to Toronto bike trip (2947 miles) in July '97. It was during this voyage (when I was tired and dehydrated) that I dreamed up this venture: To continue the bike journey around the world!

The support I've had so far is unbelievable. First, thanks go to Dr. Touraj Najafian and his family who have put off their move to B.C. to practice at Mahoney Chiropractic in Toronto for a second year. It is only because of the great trust and confidence I have in Dr. Touraj that this trip has become a reality.

Thanks also to all my patients at the clinic who have given me the opportunity to influence their lives. It may be hard for you to understand the magnitude of appreciation and respect I have for every one of my patients. Thank you for your confidence in me.

This trip is about new growth and rejuvenation...a spiritual learning opportunity, an educational experience, and a chance to share chiropractic I look forward to communicating with many of you during the next year.

My internet and email addresses are set up through the Log Cabin Chronicles, my parents' Internet magazine. My pages will be updated periodically with pictures, places, experiences, and upcoming travel plans. You are welcome and encouraged to visit often and remain in contact via email (drdenis@tomifobia.com).

I am scheduled to leave on Friday, September 12, '97 via Singapore Airlines to Singapore. My schedule is as follows. Timeline is a guestimate:

Phase 1: (Sept 97- Nov 97) I'll work my way through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos (?? local bandits will determine if I visit here), Vietnam, China (see Nancy and Tim), and Hong Kong. Mountain bike (Litespeed loaded with paniers) will be major mode of transportation.

Phase 2: (Dec 97- Apr 98) Flight from Singapore to Perth, Australia. Goal is to bike Perth area then cross Australian desert on bike (people have told me it might get pretty hot), ferry to Tasmania, bike the east coast of Australia (up to Brisbane to see fellow mountain biker Andrea). Hopefully fly to Alice Springs (to see fellow chiro Dr. Sue), then on to New Zealand for approximately two months of biking, camping, and touring.

Phase 3: (May 98 - June 98) Arrive Singapore and on to Nepal, where I look forward to biking, trekking, and climbing.

Phase 4: (July 98- Sept 98) Arrive Amsterdam. Bike tour U.K. and part of Europe. This part of the trip remains completely unplanned.

Travel tips I have learned thus far (Sept 6/97):

1. Get help from an experienced travel agent. My strong personal recommendation (thanks, Mike King) is Sam at Winners Travel in Toronto. Simply the best service and best price.

2. Talk to people who have been there. Thanks to the dozens of friends who have shared advice, experiences, addresses, and hope.

3. Don't hug colorful frogs! (thanks, Amy)

4. Have a great bike mechanic. (thanks, Jim)

5. Given the preparation time I had (4 weeks), most my trip will be planned en route.

6. Yes, they do have large flying cockroaches throughout Asia (thanks, Andrea and Lynn).

7. If you can't peel it, don't eat it. If it isn't bottled, don't drink it. If it's raw, cook it. If it moves, walk away.

8. Travel light (prior experience July '97)


Canada bike trip photographs

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